What is Sub-Acute Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Sub-Acute Drug and Alcohol Detox is the fundamental first step in your Addiction Recovery Process. Detox safely removes drugs and alcohol from the body. It gives you a fresh foundation for you to build healthy habits for a better life.

Why is Sub-Acute Drug and Alcohol Detox Important?

After using an addictive substance for an extended period of time, the body becomes dependent on its effect. Upon withdrawal, the symptoms may be very uncomfortable and life-threatening at worst. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms depends on factors like body chemistry and type of drug used.

Because Sub-Acute Drug and Alcohol Detox helps managing these withdrawal symptoms and other complications easy, it is much needed in your recovery process.

How does Sub-Acute Drug and Alcohol Detox help before Inpatient Treatment?

 Inpatient Detox is the most common Detox program which involves patient staying at the Detox Center. This type of Detox is recommended to addicts with moderate to severe cases of addiction. Most important reasons for inpatient Detox is to avoid relapse and offer 24 hour medical assistance.

Besides providing comfort and safety, Detox increases the chances of successful recovery. Sub-Acute Drug and Alcohol Detox can make Inpatient rehab more successful, because it addresses both physical and mental medical issues, which are underlying.

Detox helps strategize a personalized treatment plan prior to inpatient or outpatient rehab.

Treatment Plan:

A comprehensive Addiction treatment plan will include Detox, Therapy, Treatment and an Effective Aftercare plan. Detoxification alone may make you feel better initially but it won’t take too long for the cravings to creep in. Addiction is more of a psychological problem and best remedied with traditional therapy with a counselor/therapist.

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