What to Expect in Inpatient Rehab

 In Addiction Treatment

Inpatient Rehab programs are one of the most effective ways for people to start their journey to sobriety and there are a variety of inpatient programs out there. After you’ve been through a detox program, which many inpatient programs include, you’ll be moving over to inpatient rehab. This might be an intimidating change, especially while you recover, but it’s one of the biggest steps on your way to sobriety. Let’s take a look at some things to expect while in inpatient rehab.

Rehab is Not What You Expect

If you’re worried rehab is going to be confining, you’d be surprised. Inpatient rehab facilities do not have locks and don’t “keep” you there. Even if you are currently impacted by the legal system, you won’t be held against your will. While you may be mandated to stay by a court or encouraged by your medical team, you are free to come and go. Inpatient rehab is all about your Addiction Treatment. These facilities are tuned into your needs as someone in recovery. Think of it this way: They are about healing—not punishment.

What Will Day One Be Like?

You don’t need to be intimidated by your first day at a treatment center. The first thing you’ll do is go through the clinic’s intake. This will involve some paperwork, going over the clinic’s rules, and taking a tour. Along the way you will be introduced to the staff and other patients. This is a great way to get acquainted with both the grounds and the people you’ll be with. Keep in mind that everyone went through this tour when they first came in. You’re not alone. After that, you’ll be shown your room and where to store your things. Your first day will be pretty open-ended from there, but will likely include some social activities to get you introduced to the rest of the patients.

What are Typical Days Like?

Now that you’ve been introduced to day one, you might be wondering what your average day will be like. This varies based on the facility and your treatment program, but there are some general things to expect. In the morning you’ll have a hearty breakfast and have some time to get ready for your day. Afternoons are often bookmarked for your therapeutic sessions. Therapy, medical appointments, and group treatments will be normally scheduled in the afternoon. Inpatient treatment centers are first and foremost about your recovery, so the bulk of your day will be centered around this. Evenings will be the time social events at the treatment center. This is a great time for you to become friends with other people on their recovery journey and start to establish some new social bonds.

What Not to Do

We’ve gone over some basics of what to expect, but what are some things you shouldn’t do in inpatient rehab? It should go without saying that bringing in any kind of intoxicant will be against the rules. Even if it is not the one you are attending rehab for, it might be for someone else. Another thing to keep in mind is that the internet and phone access will be restricted. Most facilities will have set stations or times for you to call and email family and friends. The truth of the matter is that smartphones and internet access are the most common way for people to arrange drugs coming into treatment centers. This might feel restricted to your social life, but remember that this is a medical treatment program and the focus right now is recovery.

Inpatient rehab programs are often poorly depicted in the media. While certain internet and phone use are restricted to keep the space sober, these facilities are places where you can recover while building friendships with your peers on their way to sobriety.

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