With so many detox facilities nationwide, what should I look for to ensure my child gets the best possible care?

There are countless detox facilities throughout the country, many of which offer outstanding service and medical care. Successfully going through detox is challenging for two reasons. First, there is the challenge of finding the support that your son/daughter will need when going through the process. Second, there are the emotional and psychological hurdles that often slow down or otherwise impede the detox and healing process. Regardless of where your son/daughter is struggling in his/her life, every person deserves to be free from addiction.

When choosing a detox to send your son/daughter to, ask the following questions:

1. What kind of result do you expect from detox? Ask how the program measures success and what their success rate is.
2. Does the detox substitute another drug for the one the person was addicted to? If your goal is complete sobriety, then a program that employs substitute drugs as treatment will fall short of your goal.
3. Does the detox facility rely on the use of other drugs that may themselves be addictive or harmful?
4. Does the program have a method of alleviating physical cravings for drugs or alcohol?
5. Does the program include a nutritional component?
6. Are clients introduced to ways to acquire sufficient life skills that support sobriety?
7. Will my son/daughter be introduced to self-help recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or SMART recovery?
8. Does the detox program think that addiction is a chronic disease and you should expect multiple relapses before long-term sobriety can be sustained?
9. Does the detox seem to offer an instant cure or some other nonsensical promise?
10. With the knowledge you have gained, do you feel good about sending your son/daughter there?
Just as with everything in life, there is no perfect detox facility and there are no programs that will guarantee long-term sobriety. Remind yourself that it’s okay if family pressure is initially the only motivation for change. Throughout the detox and hopefully the treatment process, your son/daughter is likely to identify an internal motivation for change which is what will help sustain sobriety in the long run.

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