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Our North Hollywood Treatment Center

Victory Detox Center is conveniently located in North Hollywood, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles. A nice place to visit, live and even recover! The land of fame and fortune has its fair share of statistics regarding drug and alcohol abuse and overdose deaths. Perhaps its due to its southwest border being ridden with an influx of cocaine and heroin or the popularity of prescription drug addiction like Vicodin, Xanax and so many others.

Los Angeles is embroiled in the unfortunate drug epidemic spreading throughout the US. That being said, California attracts many of the leading addiction treatment professionals in the United States. Although there is no shortage of drug rehabs in LA, they may not all be qualified to provide Sub-acute drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment services. Victory Detox Center is North Hollywood’s premier sub acute facility that specializes in Sub-acute drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment. We also assist with your addiction treatment by providing therapeutic, nutritional, holistic and continuation of care assistance (aftercare, sober living, etc.) to ensure sobriety success.

Sometimes it’s easier to seek Sub-acute drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment and drug and alcohol addiction treatment away from your immediate neighborhood where you have constant reminders of your troubled past. Below, you will find some interesting attractions if you are visiting a loved one in recovery or are considering a Sub-acute drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment program for yourself.

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About North Hollywood, California in the San Fernando Valley

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  • Home of the Noho Arts District
  • Bordered on the north by Sun Valley and on the northeast and east by Burbank.
  • Nearly two-thirds of the San Fernando Valley’s land area is part of the city of Los Angeles. The other incorporated cities include Glendale, Burbank, San Fernando, Hidden Hills, and Calabasas.
  • Close to Universal Studios and other major attractions like the Hollywood sign and the famous Mulholland Drive, as featured in numerous films.
  • Home to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • Close to the Santa Monica Mountains, along the border of Hollywood and West Los Angeles.
  • Close to numerous schools, job opportunities, beaches, downtown, and of course meetings.

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