Teen Substance Abuse:

Teen Substance Abuse is increasing at an alarmingly high rate. The self-defining years are filled with stressors of their own. Teenagers are turning to drugs and alcohol to escape the stress. Most important reason for this is easy exposure and access to drugs and alcohol.

More than 60% of high school students reported having easy access to drugs at school. And approximately 50% of high school seniors reported having tried at least 1 form of illicit drug.

Most important concern of teen substance abuse is that it could lead to a life-long struggle to overcome the addiction.

Understanding the factors causing Teen Substance Abuse:

Adolescence is a gray phase of life between childhood and adulthood. Teenage years are self-defining and exploring which makes them vulnerable. 9 out of 10 adults with addiction said they began using illicit substances before they turned 18.

Therefore it is extremely important for adults to understand the factors that influence the addictive behavior. Some important factors include:

  • School change, including movement from middle to high school
  • Stress concerning interpersonal relationships like platonic and romantic friendships
  • Pressure to plan the future as they struggle to understand their current age and lifestyle
  • Peer pressure to look “COOL” and to use drugs to fit in the crowd
  • Bullying either in school or anywhere else
  • Family stress including problems like death in family or divorce

Treatment for Teen Substance Abuse:

Treatment for addiction in adolescents is different than that for adults. The treatment plan is focused on providing with positive coping skills. Because this helps them manage stress, avoid unhealthy interactions and maintain strength to suppress cravings.

Based on the severity of the addiction, the treatment could be in a residential or out-patient therapy center. It may include group therapy as well.

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