How to Have Fun in Sobriety

 In Recovery

Fun might not be something you expected to read about during your recovery, but it is an important part of the process. Learning how to have fun while staying sober is an often underappreciated part of sober living. There might have been a time in your life not too long ago where the only time you ever had “fun” was while intoxicated. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to have fun while staying sober.

Get Outdoors

Let’s start this off nice and easy. Whether it’s enjoying your favorite take-out in your local park or hiking in the woods, getting outdoors is a great way to stay sober and have a great time. There’s a healing presence to being in nature that helps with recovery. Not to mention the excitement of appreciating the natural world. If you are in a sober living program, see if they have any planned outings and, if not, invite some of your new friends to get out there with you. Don’t be limited to these suggestions, beaches, biking, bird watching—all of these are great ways to reconnect with the natural world and have a great time.


This is one you might not have heard of. Daybreaker is a movement that started in New York City and has since moved across the states. Daybreakers are exactly like a rave, but totally sober. If you’ve been missing that club atmosphere and the fun of dancing, but the thought of “club culture” is something you want to avoid, this is for you. Daybreaker events are totally sober, no alcohol, smoking, or drugs, and give you the same good vibes and social scene as traditional clubs. As a plus, you’ll be interacting with like-minded people who also put sobriety first.


Now that you are living a sober life, you can start to give back. Think about your skills and the parts of society you care most about and find a way to volunteer. There are volunteer programs for working with kids, teaching language skills, cleaning up your local parks, and even rescuing injured birds! These are great ways to find people that share your interests and get you out of the house!

Arts and Culture

Recovery has the added benefit of opening up tons of free time and now that your head is clear, you can appreciate the world around you all the better. Take some trips to your local museums and see the sights. Most major cities have dozens of museums that you might never have heard of! There are even museums tucked away at many universities. Take the time to explore your city and check out some museums for topics you might have not been interested in before. You’ll be surprised at how much fun exploring a totally new museum can be.

Try Something New

Have you ever gone LARPing? That stands for Live Action Role Play. Think Dungeons & Dragons but instead of rolling dice on a table, you’re dressed up as a wizard throwing mock fireballs. Have you ever followed a Bob Ross painting tutorial and made your own “happy little mountains?” What about enrolling in an adults dance class or music lessons? The most fun part about recovery is that your life belongs to you again. All that time, money, energy that used to get funneled into addiction is back under your control. Have some fun with it!

Addiction used to be framed a moral failing rather than a medical condition. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Incorporating fun into your treatment will not only make the process better but give you vital skills for staying sober.

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