How to approach a Loved One who refuses to Admit their Addiction

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Addiction affects everyone. It devastates everyone who comes in contact with it. The most severely impacted ones are those who love someone struggling with addiction. It’s not easy watching your loved one fall prey to addiction and not being able to help them.

These tips can help you identify the situation and help your loved one fight addiction:

Educate yourself about Addiction:

Educating yourself about addiction is a key component in validating your stance in an intervention down the line. Not all addictions are the same. Knowing the kind of addiction your loved is suffering from helps you understand what they are going through. Therefore it becomes easy to understand the magnitude of the situation and offer help accordingly.

Offer Support & Gain Trust:

Let the addict know that you are there for them, irrespective of the situation. Make them feel comfortable having a conversation with you. Don’t avoid bringing up the topic in direct words because this makes them feel that you are not being judgmental. Offer the same level of support through-out. Because this helps the addict trust you and talk openly about their addiction with you. Look for positive changes in behavior to understand if you’ve hit the bull’s eye.

Seek Medical Help:

Schedule a routine check-up appointment. Inform the doctor about the addiction prior to the visit. Because this helps the doctor to identify the issue and causes better. Besides that, they can also recommend ideal course of action to take. These can be very eye-opening for the addict and ease their struggle to overcome addiction.

Encourage them positively:

Encourage them to seek help far better than anyone else can. Make your loved one realize that they need help. Most importantly, offer constant support through-out and let them know that they are not alone. Keep encouraging them and appreciating their little efforts to an addiction free life.

Remember, the constructive and supportive involvement of loved ones will definitely ease their struggle through the Recovery Path.

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