Opioids are powerful and often deadly. They are an enormous threat today as many of the prescribed painkillers include Opioids. Easy access to Opioids is a major reason for its addiction.

Know how Opioids can affect the vital organs of your body.


Opioids flood the brain with dopamine, which creates the pleasurable euphoria people feel on these drugs. Its pleasure is around a thousand times more than what you experience under normal circumstances. Very quickly the brain becomes adjusted to the presence of opioids.

The brain starts to see the presence of artificial opioids as normal and it rewires itself. It changes to such an extent that activities that would normally activate pleasure centers no longer have the same effect.

Brain is designed to continue to seek out activities that bring pleasure, which is why using opioids quickly becomes an addiction.

Respiratory system:

Opioids have a huge impact on the respiratory system as well. They depress the central nervous system, and are also respiratory depressant. When you take prescription opiates/opioids, it can slow your breathing. Sometimes to the extent where you can lose consciousness or die.

If your rate of respiration slows too much it can lead to respiratory arrest. This prevents your brain and organs from getting enough oxygen, which can lead to damage and severe injury to your organs.     

Digestive system:

Digestive System is one of the important organs that gets affected by Opioids. There are Opioid receptors in the digestive system, and the brain also controls this part of your body. Opioids impact the muscles of your digestive system, which is why Opioid abusers often have severe constipation.


Drug abuse can harm the liver, Opioids are No exception. The liver can sustain damage as a result of toxicity from Opioids. Lortab, Norco, and Vicodin cause major Liver damage. The liver’s ability to process the toxins is reduced. Therefore it results in liver injury or failure.

These are just some of the ways how Opioids destroy your body.

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