Common Myths about Detox Process:

Detox is a necessary first step in breaking the reigns of addiction. When an individual consumes drugs or alcohol, both mental and physical changes occur in the body. The drugs stimulate certain reactions internally that are usually produced by natural substances. As the addiction increases, the body produces less of the natural substances and starts depending increasingly on the drugs or alcohol.

Dependency on drugs is classified as having withdrawal symptoms if the substance is no longer available in your body. Once an individual reaches this point— drug and alcohol Detox becomes necessary to obtain long-term sobriety. There are many preconceived notions about the medical drug and alcohol Detox process.

Common myths about Detox process.

Myth 1: Detox can be done on your own

Many addicts will conclude that attempting the Detox process on their own is easier than a rehabilitation program—this theory is not completely true. One of the most difficult tasks to overcome during detoxification is the Withdrawal. Professional Detox program provides individuals with access to medical monitoring, pharmaceutical support, and counseling services to ensure the process is a smooth transition.

Attempting to Detox on your own can be life threatening and exceedingly more painful than seeking help from Professional Detox Centers.

Myth 2: Detox completely eliminates Withdrawal Symptoms

Detox medication can significantly reduce Withdrawal Symptoms and aid in the Recovery process. There is no way a Detox process can completely eliminate the Withdrawal Symptoms. It is important to have an expert’s supervised treatment that enables constant monitoring of your symptoms. This ensures your safety and minimizes discomfort through the process.

Myth 3: Detox wouldn’t work this time either

Many addicts assume that Treatment did not work the first time, so there is no-point trying it again. What we need to know here is, Relapse is not something which cannot be avoided and sobriety is still possible. Detox with Therapeutic approach will help you learn coping skills and manage regression, thus avoiding relapses.


Strong determination, thorough knowledge and trust are the key factors for a successful Recovery. Approach a Certified and Reputed Detox Center like Victory Detox Center to lead a healthier life.

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