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Teen Substance Abuse

Teen Substance Abuse: Teen Substance Abuse is increasing at an alarmingly high rate. The self-defining years are filled with stressors of their own. Teenagers are turning to drugs and alcohol to escape the stress. Most important reason for this is easy exposure and...

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Is Drug and Alcohol Detox Improved with Holistic Services?

Is the Holistic Approach to sub-acute drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment process improved when utilizing holistic, health and luxury & amenity types of elements? . For those of you familiar with drug rehabs and sub-acute drug and alcohol detox and...

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How Do Alcohol and Heroin Detox Differ from One Another?

The Alcohol and Heroin Detox process can be quite different. Detox for Alcohol addiction may not be the same as Detox for Heroin.There are similarities between individuals withdrawing from alcohol and from heroin or opiates, there are also marked differences. Alcohol...

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How Do Suboxone and Subutex Work During Opioid-Heroin Detox

How do Suboxone and Subutex work? How do they change the scope of sub-acute drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment for heroin and prescription pain killer withdrawal, but how do they work? Suboxone and Subutex are two drugs that have been approved by the U.S...

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