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What Detox Center Is Best For My Son/Daughter?

With so many detox facilities nationwide, what should I look for to ensure my child gets the best possible care? There are countless detox facilities throughout the country, many of which offer outstanding service and medical care. Successfully going through detox is...

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The Stages of Drug Addiction Withdrawal

Different drugs have varied withdrawal symptoms including, fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, drug cravings and more… Addictive drugs and alcohol make changes to the way the brain processes emotions and regulates mood. Many of these changes create a...

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Fighting Opioid Drug Overdose With Naloxone

Learn the facts about Naloxone and how it is helping to save many lives from opioid drug overdose… Overdose deaths from heroin and opioid painkillers have been steadily increasing every year in America. This has prompted many healthcare workers to get the word out...

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How to Recognize The Signs My Son is on Drugs

With the rise of opioid addiction and drug overdoses, parents are petrified it could happen to their child so here are some tips to help alert you to the signs More and more, opiates such as prescription pills, heroin, and fentanyl are on the rise and parents may be...

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The Connection Between Prescription Drugs & Heroin Addiction

As heroin addiction and overdose continue to rise, many debate if it stems from the dependency on prescription painkillers versus addicts seeking cheaper drugs… According to the Center for Disease Control, people addicted to prescription drugs are 40 times more likely...

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What to Expect Before, During, and After Medical Detox

Admitting you need help for drug or alcohol addiction is commendable but scary when you know nothing about the medical detox and addiction recovery process. Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases that can be treated. Medical detox is often the necessary first step in...

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How Medical Detox Got Me On The Road To Recovery & Sobriety

After years of alcoholism, medical detox helped me get sober while addiction treatment allowed me to create long lasting recovery and enjoy sobriety success… Jim credits being sober for 13 years to a combination of medical detox and therapeutic modalities for alcohol...

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Rising From Active Drug Addiction to Sobriety

An addict’s story of the complex journey of drug addiction, drug rehab, long-term sobriety and then relapse and a new path of recovery...   Recovering from active addiction after having been sober for close to 9 years was by far the hardest thing I have ever...

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