10 Ways to Tell If Someone is Using Heroin

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Heroin is a deadly drug that is created from the opium poppy plant. It is a highly addictive, dangerous opiate that is increasing in popularity. If a loved one is using heroin, it can be scary, it is important to get them into an addiction treatment program as quickly as possible. At times, though, you may simply know that something is wrong but you are unsure what it is. The following are 10 ways you can tell if someone you love is using heroin.

Scabs and Cuts

Many heroin addicts are found with cuts, scabs or bruises that are caused from them picking at their skin. Having a scab does not necessarily depict addiction, but having them continuously with no obvious cause is a good indicator.

Weight Loss

Weight loss can be caused by a number of different things, but a sudden drop in weight needs some attention. If this weight loss occurs in tandem with other unusual things, it may point to heroin use. Take note of any other changes you notice.

Needle Track Marks

Heroin can be smoked or snorted, but most often it is injected into the body. Just as marks are left when a doctor takes a blood sample, there are also marks left from injecting heroin. These marks do not fade away, though, as the user is continually injecting themselves. You might also notice a sudden switch to long sleeves or long pants, even in hot temperatures. Heroin users do this in an attempt to hide the needle track marks.

Constantly Asking for Money

There are times in life when everyone struggles financially, so going through a period of need is not automatically indicative of heroin use. Those with an addiction, though, will constantly be asking to borrow money, or they will simply steal it, and have nothing to show for it.


One of the best indicators of heroin use involves finding paraphernalia around the users home or personal space. Needles that are not related to a medical need are usually a good sign. Other items may include foil and straws with burn marks, burned silver spoons, inexplicable pipes, and plastic baggies with a white powdery substance on them.

Lack of Attention to Hygiene

Hygiene tends not to be very important to heroin addicts. If your loved one puts no effort towards general hygiene, especially if he always has in the past, it may be a strong indicator of heroin use.

Level of Alertness Changing Constantly

Heroin users will often have quick shifts in their levels of alertness. For instance, one moment you might notice that they are extremely alert, perhaps to the point of hyperactivity. Then, suddenly, you notice that they are nodding off, often while sitting up and sometimes even in the midst of conversation.

Withdrawal from Loved Ones and Activities They Once Loved

Heroin addicts often withdrawal from their loved ones and normal circle of friends while clinging closer to a less desirable crowd. Also, there tends to be nothing more important than getting high, so activities they once loved are neglected.

Hostile Towards Loved Ones

Drugs, in general, can cause hostility towards others. Sometimes, this hostility turns into violence. If your loved one becomes exceedingly moody, hostile, or violent towards those he once cherished, it may be a sign of addiction.

Sleeping More Than Usual

Having some lazy days or catching up with sleep on the weekend is normal and acceptable. However, if your loved one is consistently sleeping more than usual for no obvious reasons, it- at the very least- tells you to pay more attention.

Alone, most of these signs could point to many other things that have nothing to do with heroin abuse. In tandem with other signs, however, they are highly indicative of heroin addiction. If you have noticed a loved one exhibiting these signs, wait no longer. Reach out to Victory Detox Center in North Hollywood for an addiction treatment program that just might save his life.

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